straight boy: you’re a bitch

me: yes and?


how many followers do i need to get random asks god be nosy u little shits ask me about my personal life this is fucking boring getting nothing

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shaving ur v is really hard i don’t think us people with vaginas get enough credit for that



me promoting immaculat vodka at the opening of lif night club in vegas

lif is in miami get your facts straight


"This picture has never been seen before. Eminem was supposed to get up for the MTV Awards in Barcelona, but was so hungover he wouldn’t move. They dragged me into his hotel room and in the first shot I got of him, he was actually naked. In the end he pulled the sheet off the bed, so he’s lying on the floor wrapped in a sheet with some eye shades on, like you get on an airplane because he felt so ill. I like it because he looks like Christ in the Turin Shroud. Originally, I wanted to use it as a poster for the tour. Em’s got a very good sense of humor, but the people who work for him wouldn’t show it to him. They said it was ‘too gay’. I wanted to use it with the tag ‘Bigger than Jesus!’"


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it’s a perfect day to not give a fuck